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Why? Sports betting wouldn't be the same without the community of fans all gathered around the TV, complaining about a bad call that cost them a bet, or going crazy after an underdog win! Fraternities offer a large community of people all gathered together in close proximity, betting on sports, and talking about them. We are also a young company - all our founders are under 26 - and we can relate well with fraternity members.

How It Works

When partnered with us, all fraternity members will receive a free subscription with all the same features as a standard plan which includes NBA Spread, Total, and Moneyline insight and picks that have been chosen by AI.

When partnering with us, all we ask in return is that members submit feedback, request new features, or submit user-generated content (examples include videos of members celebrating a game, pictures of a big underdog win, literally anything). Check out our social media where we will be sharing this content.

Only because we like to make everything a contest! Every week, each of the five fraternities can submit up to three NBA parlays. These parlays can be between 2-15 legs and the members don't necessarily need to bet them. The fraternity that has won the most parlays with the highest odds by 1/31/2021 will receive free subscriptions for the rest of the NBA season and prize money!

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*For each parlay bet, it's assumed one unit is wagered.

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